Tattoo artist MR. Pai.

Tattoo artist MR. Pai.
I used to open it myself at home 1 year ago.
Come to work in Phuket First Patong shop Patonglnk shop 2 years
Then moved to a new shop called lnked machine tattoo phuket for 4 years. Tattoo artists will begin to discover their own signature tattoos.
May mix several tattoo styles together. Or you can create a tattoo from your imagination.Technician Mim, for example, is skilled at Japanese tattoos that incorporate Thai elements.A tattoo artist’s unique design is like handwriting that can be easily copied.To be able to follow every line and every trace with the needle But the heaviness, the intensity
weakness of work It’s different anyway.Artis:Bas_ler

Beautiful patterns from the tip of the needle that we see. It comes from the tattoo artist’s skill and feelings, which is what makes a tattoo so exciting and emotional. Tattoo artist MR. Pai.
When getting a tattoo of any kind Tattoo artists often have to be engrossed in their tattoos. Sometimes these feelings can be difficult to shake off.
It’s like an actor who gets so into his role that he can’t withdraw even after filming ends.

Chang Pai once refused to accept a job to tattoo a monk who burned himself to demand his rights in Vietnam.
He understands that this image is a call to something better. But he might feel depressed if he had to access this tattoo.
Rejecting a tattoo artist’s work does not mean arrogance. But a tattoo artist is an artist who only follows his heart.