Tattoo artist MR.Bas_ler

I have more than 15 years of tattooing experience.
I specialize in realistic tattoo work.But there are many types of tattoo work that I like to do. Every time I do a tattoo ,I am very happy. And every time I do a tattoo, I will do my best.

Many people have probably heard the saying that Art is everywhere or that art is everywhere.
Whether it’s paintings, clothes, jewelry. Even the buildings that we are accustomed to seeing are all part of art.
But is there any form of art that can accompany us anywhere and anytime like ‘tattoos’?

Even though tattoos used to be a thing used to punish and divide classes in society.
But when it has been refined and developed for many years
Tattooing has become a form of art that is exquisite and reflects human identity very well.
We have the opportunity to get to know tattooing closely through the work of Technician Mim – Anon Peeranantapanya, a famous Thai tattoo artist from the shop.
tattoohouse has previously had the opportunity to exhibit its tattoo work in the Musée du quai Branly in France.

Tattooing is considered a specific type of art.
Each group has different preferences. Setting a limit or direction for the tattoo artist industry is therefore difficult.
Each tattoo artist has the right to express himself, his thoughts, and his tattoo designs on the skin in his own way. Even though the results will be different. MR.Benz Triple Six
But what tattoo artists have in common is creating the most meaningful art that takes people everywhere.