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There is no clear answer in what era tattooing was born. Some archaeologists have speculated that The tattoo probably happened by chance.

that humans in ancient times might have been cut by some kind of tree branch and the color would have developed Therefore, people in those days knew about tattooing.

Tattoo designs can be found in almost every country around the world. The styles of tattoo designs vary according to the traditions and culture of that country. And the tattoo designs of each country have different styles and methods of tattooing. But the duties are the same. Creating colorful patterns on human skin By causing the skin to open up to allow the dye to enter. Or what we call skin dyeing.

Some archaeologists argue that Tattooing and writing of various tribes are It may have been done to instill fear in the enemy. or to build morale and encouragement for the warriors of their own tribe

Until 1991, archaeologists believed that tattooing might have originated some 2-3,000 years ago when Chinese porcelain with tattooed figures was discovered.

And a tattooed mummy has been found in Egypt that is probably around 3,000 years old.

But in 1991, two German tourists discovered the body of a man buried in ice that preserved the body from decomposition. Between Austria and Italy which is in perfect condition After thorough academic investigation, it was found that this man was probably about 5,300 years old and was named Otzi, which is the name of the mountain range where it was discovered. The investigation found that there were 57 tattoos, some of which were similar to acupuncture points for treating disease.

Archaeologists believe that some tattoo designs cannot be done by oneself. Therefore, it is assumed that there must be someone who did the tattooing.

The discovery of Otzi has caused the tattoo industry to reconsider its history. And it is speculated that tattooing may have occurred much earlier. It is expected that in the future we may find out exactly what era tattooing took place. Although we cannot know how or what era tattooing began, Tattooing is probably the oldest culture, tradition, and art.