Choose a tattoo before it’s inked on your body. How should I choose?

For many people, the first things that come to mind might be family, friends, or even movies and songs that we’ve seen no matter how many times. Because you’re into it or you like it, right? Or even an event that makes us emotional, whether it’s the most recent heartbreak. The thoughts and feelings here are still with us. Like a wound that’s still fresh No matter how much time has passed tattoo

Normally, how often do we go back and review ourselves? That we want to choose to keep or not keep something in our memories. Have you often come back to review your lessons? that what happened Whether it’s good or bad It has made us think. Or what angles have you gained?

So what should we choose to remember? choose to remember In a conscious or subconscious way?

Choose to remember the bad things we encountered or the good things we encountered??

And do you know it? That you are choosing?

In fact, what the admin is telling is all about this. It’s a matter of self-reflection. In some places it is called self-reflection. or meditation to consider various stories where it is going It’s up to whoever is convenient to call. But let me tell you that this technique is the first step in choosing a tattoo design.

Please don’t forget one thing: tattoos are not only art, but also fashion to decorate the body. It might become your new identity. It’s something you’ll see every day from today onwards. Imagine a model who has many different looks. Today she might dress in a sexy style. Another day of dressing in a cute, bright way. Neat Japanese style If you come and see different looks We may have already judged this person that this woman is sexy. Or is it really cute in a pure way?

The tattoo designs themselves are not much different.

Today, the admin would like to present a perspective on choosing a tattoo design. In a way that no one may have ever thought of. Just leave it as a rough, loose idea for your next tattoo. Which pattern do you want to choose to put on your body? Because it hurts and you have to pay a lot. There must be something to get back, right? It’ll be worth it.

The pattern that conveys Meaningful things in life

Whether it’s memories of the past Whether it’s good or bad Things I want to remind myself future dream images The person I want to be The family we fought for Love of ourselves, our identity, etc.

Art is not fixed. Because art can reflect both concrete and abstract forms. This may be a tattooed image that is reminiscent of those things. Or it is a direct form of those things, for example, we love our wife very much. And maybe she likes jasmine flowers so much that every time we see jasmine flowers, we think of her. We might get a tattoo of a jasmine flower. This one can be done as well. Or maybe get a tattoo with your wife, it’s not wrong, or it’s her name. Tattooing your face, it’s all right, there’s no right or wrong.

After getting tattooed This is how people will see us.

Many people without tattoos look like they are nothing. When there are realistic works with skulls or zombies. or a fierce Japanese event Giant Oni tattooed by Teacher Zach Or an applied Thai work with a giant image of Teacher Dream imprinted on it. Instantly became a fierce person… 

This is the influence of creating an external image. We are what we dress. Tattoo designs are no different from a form of fashion. But it is a fashion that will last a long time. You may choose whatever clothes you want. Change tomorrow and you can always become a new person.

But for tattoos You may have to think a little carefully…

How do we want others to view us?

Patterns that express what we especially like, quotes, book names, idols, or things that will make us think about the way we live our lives.

Many people just like a movie. Maybe because it’s fun. Then get a tattoo of your favorite character.

In fact, I want you to think back to when you saw that movie. Ask yourself a little. What makes us like that character? For example, admins like strong girls who are very fighters, such as Alice or Jill Valentine in Resident Evil, Lucy from Lucy and Wonder Woman, Selene from Underworld, etc. But try to notice the common points of people. These are good. Everyone is a woman. and is a fighter For the admin who may have been a crybaby all his life. So I admire these female fighters. until they were taken as idols No matter what time you watch a movie If we meet a woman holding a gun, kicking and punching, and fighting with destruction, it makes us feel involved as well.

Therefore, if an admin tattoos someone, such as maybe Wonder Woman, the admin will think of the feelings of a strong woman every time they see this tattoo every day.

But the admin doesn’t know. What do we normally like? Movies, dramas, songs, real people who are alive and have passed away, but I believe that there is something that makes us like them. Until he might have to keep it as a tattoo and remember who he is.

Try to slowly review yourself like this every time. Before thinking about a pattern, go see a tattoo artist.
You’ll be happy with these patterns for a long time.
As long as the tattoo pigment has not faded away