Type of tattoo ‘tattoo’! Tell us about you. through body art

Type of tattoo ‘tattoo’! Tell us about you. through body art Let’s start with ‘Tribal Tattoo‘ or a tribal style tattoo that is known as the oldest tattoo in history. It is believed to have originated with the Polynesians. or tribes living on islands such as Tahiti, Samoa, Hawaii, New Zealand, etc.

2 Celtic Type of tattoo

The Trible tattoo pattern focuses on the culture and history of each tribe, nature, and tells about social status. Or get a tattoo to protect yourself, such as a large Samoa tattoo, emphasizing patience. Because getting a tattoo hurts a lot. Because they used animal teeth instead of needles. The tattooist must gently hammer it into the skin. Plus, the tattoo must be completed in one session. การสัก

3 Old School / American Traditonal 

Talking about tattoos from various tribes, we probably can’t mention ‘Celtic’ because it is very popular and I believe that we are all familiar with ‘Celtic Arm Band’, a popular tattoo. around the arm or leg, but there’s actually more to these tattoos that come straight from the British Isles.

The Celtic shape is the overlapping spiral tattoo pattern of ancient warriors. It means to send a message. and the journey between earth and heaven It is also a mark of mourning on the grave of a warrior. Anyone who wants to look cool and brave like a warrior. Don’t forget to choose a Celtic tattoo.

It can be said to be a classic old school tattoo because it has been around since the seafaring era. The early 20th century emphasized 2D images, large, clear, uncomplicated lines and minimal color. The patterns spoke of life on ships of sailors, soldiers, love, culture or exotic places encountered, and all things that had meaning. All profound, such as an anchor means a device to hold the mind, a swallow means return, a skull or death means uncertainty at sea.

4 New School Type of tattoo

There’s Old School and there’s New School, which has nothing to do with sailor life or love. Tattoos are more modern in shape. Cartoons can be drawn in many styles, 3D, look extreme and of course use lots of colors and are flashy.