Where did the history of tattooing begin?

tattooing A tattoo shop in Thailand that is popular with foreigners is located in Phuket Province.Tattooing is the practice of painting various colors and patterns on the body. Tattoos may be temporary or permanent. Each culture’s tattoos have their own unique meanings. tattoohouse

Tattoo history The beginning of tattooing

Starting from Greece Tattoos were used to mark the faces of slaves and criminals. Later, tattoos began to spread in Europe. Around 787 AD, tattooing on the face was considered an insult to God.

In Thailand, a tattoo or number tattoo is a mark on the wrist. To show registration as a royal commoner affiliated with the Royal Thai Army. But it was canceled in the reign of King Rama IV. The forehead part or arm tattoos used on people who are incarcerated But it was canceled in the year 1932, including tattooing as a talisman according to beliefs. It is popular among two groups of people: gangsters, criminals, and monks who want to protect themselves and others from evil by getting tattoos.

In Japan, tattooing is called Irezumi, which means adding ink. It is expected that it began to appear around the 3rd century BC. Later, in the 8th century, tattooing would impress the eyes of various groups of people. To divide people such as executioners, undertakers, and criminals until the Horibari tattoo began to be used, which often tattooed various designs all over the body. And it began to spread in the year 1750. It was very popular among the Eta group, which was the lowest class group. The various patterns were often famous paintings. as well as the gods according to religious beliefs and folk tales Tattoo artist

How many types of tattoos are there? tattooing

  • Fantasy Style – Mixing many styles It’s an imaginary picture, a fairy tale.
  • Tribal style – a pattern such as vines, leaves, or graphics.
  • European style – a picture of light and shadow. similar to a portrait
  • Japan Style – has oriental patterns such as carp and dragons.
  • Word Style – Contains meaningful letters. or meaningless Sometimes I don’t know what to read, such as ambigram works.
  • Geiger Style – Abstract Patterns Including niches like hip hop.
  • Punk style – tattoo designs do not focus on colors. Most are black.
  • Hardcore Style – Similar to Punk Style, but more realistic.
  • Indie Style – no clear guidelines It depends on personal taste.

How to get a tattoo, what does each start with?

Nowadays, tattooing has developed a lot. The most popular tool is a motorized needle that moves the skin between 0.6-22 millimeters deep. When inserted, the ink spreads into the tissue. absorbed, stored, accumulated The chances of triggering a negative reaction from the tattoo ink are very small. Foreign substances are normally removed from the body using natural defense mechanisms. But the ink particles are too large to be removed by this mechanism. IG Tattoo

At the same time, tattooing may cause danger from various types of infections such as impetigo, staph infection, cellulitis, as well as reactions from the dyes that are tattooed on. Currently, many substances commonly used as paints are used, often heavy metals such as mercury and minerals. Iron, cobalt, these substances cause some problems, especially the red colored substance (cinnabar) of the metal is the most common.

How many methods are there for tattoo removal or tattoo correction?

  • Surgery (SURGICAL EXCISION) is suitable for small tattoos or spots so that there will be a small wound. But in cases with large tattoos May use a tissue expander (TISSUE EXPANSION) to help.
  • Skin peeling with a dermabrasion machine (DERMABRASION) in the case of a professional tattoo Using only skin peeling Or in combination with using pure table salt will help to get good results. which in cases where the tattoo is shallow Dermabrasion more than two times can give good results with less scarring. which in doing the second time You should wait approximately 3 to 6 months.
  • Chemical peeling (CHEMICAL PELING) usually uses some type of acid or PHENOL substance, causing burn scars to appear in the tattoo area. But this method often has high complications. Therefore it is rarely used.
  • increased tattooing (OVERTATTOOING OR RETATTOOING)
  • Electrolysis (ELECTRIC CAUTERY)
  • Deletion with a laser machine (LASER BEAM) that is commonly used includes: Q-SWITCHEDND-YAG and Q-SWITCHED RUBY LASER which usually work well in blue and black cases, this method works well. And there are side effects as well, including wrinkled skin. or white spots