How to sharpen the line, how to make out the line tattoo

how to make out the line tattoo The whole tattoohouse process From start to finish thoroughly The -tattoo process is not the easiest mystery. It’s just putting a small amount of ink into the skin. By using sharp tools like needles Skills related to tools used How to put ink And drawing the design Understanding various steps Will help you feel comfortable if you are considering one step Or wanting to tattoo for the first time

Step 1: Choose a design how to make out the line tattoo

The first step in the tattoo process is to choose the design. Most tattoo shops will have a drawing in advance. Also known as “ Flash ” which you can choose If you don’t mind having designs that you will see in others These patterns are usually lined up along the walls of the store andBooks and in many forms Including skulls, tribal flowers, corset / ankle, kanji characters, and more. You can also search for “ flash ” online. Some images can be downloaded for free or for sale

If you want something unique Talking to an artist somewhere about creating a unique image. May be based on what you Or friends draw or from favorite posters or drawings in many cases if you talk to the artist in advance and bring style images andThe type of tattoo you are looking for, he or she can create something according to your example. You may have to buy a few things as it is not an artist who is interested. Or able to make original designs Among those who can Not everyone will share your vision. Or have a style that youLike, try visiting the local store’s website or asking people with tattoos that you appreciate where they came from. line

Step 2: Think about the position. how to make out the line tattoo

This step can be used before or after choosing your design. But tattoo placement is equally important Considering that some designs are more appropriate in some places, for example, large tattoo patterns with complex details Will have to use more space on the wrist or on the ankleOf you while the small design Hanging in the middle of the chest Or your back may make it look bad Especially if it’s your first tattoo

You have to think about the lines of tattoo patterns. And how they will fill the area For example, if you choose a long piece of tribe designed for armbands It might look a bit funny if you tattoo your calf side

If you are looking at a smaller design such as a rose or heart You may want to consider areas such as wrists, ankles, or forearm etc. However, if you are looking at a larger piece You may want to choose a larger area by revealing more skin such as chest, shoulders Lower belly or upper part of the thigh

Another thing to consider when thinking about placement is Will your skin stretch out? Butterflies or pistols may look unusual on your lower stomach now. But if you add or lose weight It will affect the quality of the image. In some cases, they can be distorted. If you are worried about this, the shin of the base of the spine And the forearm is the positionGood in tattoo

Step 3: Check the tattoo shop. tattoohouse in Phuket

Before you allow anyone to touch your skin with a needle You must be in a safe and clean place. The store should install disinfectant equipment. Including autoclave The artist should use a new needle and ink for each customer. And should wear gloves again using a new pair for each person, you shouldLook for an American Red Cross certificate or to make sure the store complies with OSHA requirements. If the store looks unclean or the staff doesn’t tell you what they are doing to keep customers safe elsewhere.

Step 4: Get tattoos From the shop tattoohouse in Phuket

When you choose the design And talk to the artist, usually he will do the same Or outline for your skin Unless that person is an independent giver The artist will prepare the ink. And equipment for your design When everything is ready He or she will take you toArtist’s chair or station Wear new gloves And prepare your skin The area must be cleaned and disinfected. If the area is hairy, it may be necessary to shave when the skin is ready. The tattooer will place the outline of the image on your skin. Usually done using paper And special ink thatLooks like a temporary tattoo pattern You will have the opportunity to decide on the design layout. Before the permanent work is finished.

Once you are satisfied with the method of placing the tattoo pattern, the tattoo technician will start to put the ink from the design onto your skin. The tattoo machine uses a small needle. Place the ink under the skin of the skin. The needle will move up and down quickly. Similar to a little sewing machine The artist uses the needle to create a shadow line and/Or fine or thick color blocks. Usually, he will start by sketching the image with black ink. Then the color and / or shading will be added to the outline. The artist may change the type of needle during the tattoo process. Depending on the necessity of fine lines, fill or shade.

The tattoo takes from a couple of hours to several days. Depends on the size And the complexity of the design For example, small designs such as black tribal pieces Or black flowers And a small gray color may take only 20 minutes. However, the bigger pieceOr colored pieces And complete details may take one hour Up to many hours Depending on the complexity Sleeve or large chest piece with complex details It may take several hours for many rounds to complete. In addition, most tattoos may take additional time after the procedure.Initial treatment

Step 5: Prepare to receive pain how to make out the line tattoo

That tattoo hurts Without avoiding: The tattoo procedure requires a needle to pierce the skin hundreds of times. While pushing the ink into the skin Some people find that tattooing makes them feel a little uncomfortable. While some people have to grit their teeth with pain. Depends on your own pain criteria The position of the tattoo and the style. Some people say that walking the line is the most sore Some people find that pain forms over time. Therefore, coloring is the hardest part. It’s normal to ask for a break during the tattoo process. Your artist wants to give you the opportunity to rest rather than rub from the background until you lose consciousness! Good artists are familiar with other people’s reactions. And should be patient with you.

Step 6: Aftercare

It’s normal that the area around The tattoo will be slightly red when the tattoo process is finished. Seeing a little blood is fine. Although the bleeding should stop quite quickly Your tattooer should gently clean the area and wrap the bandage over your new tattoo. He or sheWill provide you with information about proper post-treatment care Artists may recommend that you use the cream to apply the area for a few days and switch to lotion. Stay away from sunlight And to prepare for the infection Some artists like certain products or have personalized treatments for care.After treatment

Enjoy your new tattoo

New tattoos can be a step to try. Especially if it’s your first tattoo But it’s not a bad omen process as you think If you just divide it into steps When you find your design And decide where to put it, youMust find a shop that meets your needs. The rest is stable breathing. And remember that the pain will not last long – while your new ink will remain in the skin forever

How is it? All tattoo processes From start to finish in detail that brought together. Today I have to say goodbye. For the next article, what other types of tattoos can we take to see? Can follow each other. If friends want to leave a wordFeedback for us can talk through the text box below. See you again in the next article. Hello

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